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Exploring the Eletrolar Show 2024: Brazil’s Premier Electronics Expo and B2B Opportunities in Wholesale Electronics from China

07/02/2024 TVCMALL Geschäftsideen & Tipps

Are you planning a trip to the beautiful and vibrant city of São Paulo this July? If yes, consider attending the Eletrolar Show 2024 at the Transamerica Expo Center. The expo begins on July 15 and ends on July 18, 2024. So, be sure to register as a visitor to gain access to the expo — foreign visitors must provide an email as part of the registration process.


If this is the first time you've heard about the Electrolar Show, it's worth knowing more about one of Latin America's biggest trade shows. Like clockwork, the Transamerica Expo Center has hosted the show every July since 2011. The expo focuses on several industries, such as consumer electronics, home retail, and household appliances.


While the expo primarily focuses on the Brazilian market, other Latin American countries also have a strong presence here. Distributors from Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay, Peru, and Venezuela showcase their products at the Eletrolar Show Brazil every year.


But what about a Chinese presence at this fascinating trade show? Yes, there's a significant representation of products and brands from China at the Electrolar Show. As an established wholesaler of Chinese mobile phone accessories, TVCMALL will reveal everything you need to know about this expo in this detailed post.


Which Local Companies Will Exhibit at Electrolar Show 2024?


The list of local companies attending this year's Electrolar Show Brazil is long and diverse, but here are some of the more prominent exhibitors:


● Amarine

● Benfei

● B-Max

● Bomber

● Circular Brain

● Cheval Premium

● Consul

● Devia

● Esmaltec

● Evolut

● Gree

● Hayamax

● Hootel

● Ibrei


● JoomPro

● Kaidi

● Kemei

● Konka

● Letron

● Lucky Amazonia

● Maxmidia

● Moderna Tecnologia

● Mondial Electrodomésticos

● Novadigital

● Potencial Suprimentos

● Realce Electrodomésticos

● Sindilojas São Paulo

● Tec Toy

● Toledo Ambiental

● Tramontina

● Ventimais

● Ventisol Agratto

● Vivensis Care Technology

● Woli


Which International Companies Will Exhibit at Electrolar Show Brazil?


The list of international companies showcasing their goods and services at the Electrolar Show continues to get longer year-on-year. Many Chinese companies will also attend, some offering B2B China wholesale opportunities. Keep a look out for exhibits from the following companies if you attend the expo:


● Aesonic Electronics Co., Ltd.

● Anhui Donghong Trade Co., Ltd.

● Beijing Encore International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

● Changzhou HELGE International Trade Co., Ltd.

● CHK Electric Appliances Group Co., Ltd.

● Chuzhou WDF Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.

● Cixi Homease Electrical Products Co., Ltd.

● Da Pan Electric Appliance Ind. Co., Ltd.

● Dongguan Dongniu Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

● Feilong Home Electrical Group Co., Ltd.

● Foshan Chuadea Technology Co., Ltd.

● Foshan Yardkit Trading Co., Ltd.

● Golden Armor Co., Ltd.

● Guangdong Aomei Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

● Guangdong Linkfair Household Co., Ltd.

● Guangzhou Shangke Information Technology Co., Ltd.

● Hangzhou Joyplus Co., Ltd.

● Hannto Technology Co., Ltd.

● Heshan Hengkai Electrical Manufacture Co., Ltd.

● Hosin Global Electronics Co., Ltd.

● Jieyang Shunhui Hardware & Plastic Products Ltd.

● Kam Yuen Plastic Products Ltd.

● Kinwing Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.

● Langfang Debao Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.

● Maicong Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

● Ningbo Dinghao Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd.

● Ningbo Yishang Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.

● Orangeknow Technology Co., Ltd.

● Sanlida Electrical Technology Co., Ltd.

● Shanghai Yiluo Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd

● Shaoxing Mona Water Purification Technology Co., Ltd.

● Shenzhen Hoin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

● Shenzhen Sako Electronic Co., Ltd.

● Wenzhou Celebrity Chef Trading Co., Ltd.

● Wuyi Manchen Stainless Steel Products Co., Ltd.


What Kinds of Attendees Does the Electrolar Show Attract?


eletrolar show 2024


The expo attracts retailers at 44% of the total audience, distributors at 28%, and industry insiders at 8%. Currently, wholesalers make up 5% of those in attendance, and those involved in e-commerce come in at 3%. Yet, room for growth in the latter two categories still exists. Given that the attendance numbers increased by approximately 30% between 2022 and 2023, these two segments should enjoy rapid growth in the foreseeable future.


But What If You Can't Attend this Year's Electrolar Expo?


It's not always possible to attend trade shows, especially when they're held in overseas countries. But you don't have to miss out on phenomenal B2B China wholesale deals and business opportunities. We have a fully featured online B2B wholesale electronics store where you can source top-grade mobile phone accessories at affordable prices.


Beyond that, TVCMALL stocks accessories for cars, computers, and networks. We also deal in consumer electronics, garden, and home equipment. Whether you're seeking wholesale deals for your dropshipping business or looking to start your own retail business — we're available to help you attain your goals.


In Conclusion


Brazil’s premier electronics expo — Electrolar — attracted over 32,000 visitors in 2023. That number will likely be a lot higher this year due to the ongoing popularity of the expo. We're hoping you'll attend it, but if you can't, contact us, and we'll do everything to help you THRIVE!